LLNRD Seeks Public Input for Pibel Lake/Clear Water Watershed Plan

May 28, 2019

Lower Loup NRD Surveys Public for Pibel Lake/Clear Creek Watershed Plan:

A survey of local property owners and residents in the Clear Creek Watershed in central Wheeler County is being conducted by the Lower Loup Natural Resources District and its consultant, JEO Consulting Group, Inc. of Lincoln, to gather data for a project to improve overall water quality in the watershed. The short survey will be distributed to the area residents and those landowners with a vested interest in this watershed.

Clear Creek drains into Pibel Lake, which is listed as an impaired water body according to the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality. Impairments at the lake include a decreased amount of dissolved oxygen, as well as increased concentrations of phosphorus, nitrogen, chlorophyll, pH, and mercury.

The information gathered from the survey will be used to direct basin-wide approaches in land management and promote certain conservation practices within the Clear Creek/Pibel Lake Watershed Management Plan. No personal or identifying information will be collected in this survey.

LLNRD Water Modeling Coordinator Tylr Naprstek said the key to developing a successful plan is to assure that the overall planning process is guided by general public input and understanding. He said this method will create a usable document that addresses water quality concerns within the watershed and be acceptable for implementation by the area landowners.

A list of usable, best management conservation practices will be developed from this survey. Naprstek said that NRD and DEQ financial assistance could be available for implementation once a finalized plan is accepted by the two agencies. Anyone with questions or concerns regarding this survey or the Clear Creek Watershed Plan should contact Tylr Naprstek at the Lower Loup NRD at 308-728-3221

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