• May 14, 8467

    Numerous Videos on Nebraska Water Are Available

    Below are links to videos on Natural Resources Districts and water in the Cornhusker State. These videos were produced by NETV. Keeping Nebraska Local: A Unique Approach To Resources Management And The Floods Came Nebraska:… Read More

  • May 14, 6368

    NRD Funding Approved for North Loup Flooding Project

    Work on the on-going flooding issues in North Loup got a boost from the Lower Loup Natural Resources District Board as it approved partial funding for the project.  The NRD Board okayed $71,700 toward design work to deal… Read More

  • Chemigation Training/Testing To Be Done Online

    Chemigation is the practice of applying agrichemicals to cropland using an irrigation system to distribute both the water and chemical. The goal of the Nebraska Chemigation Act is to protect the groundwater and surface waters… Read More

  • LLNRD Board Approves New Irrigated Acres

    Applications for a total of 2,015 new irrigated acres in the North Loup River, Middle Loup and Beaver Creek Sub-Basins have been approved by the Lower Loup Natural Resources District Board of Directors.   Here's a breakdown… Read More

  • Interlocal Agreement Approved for Flooding Project

    An interlocal agreement with the Lower Loup Natural Resources District has been approved by the Sargent City Council.  The agreement allows for the hiring a third party to seek grant applications to fund work on the community’s… Read More

  • Lower Loup NRD Board Approves Long-Range Plan

    A plan that outlines the priorities for the Lower Loup Natural Resources District over the next five years received a vote of approval by the NRD Directors.  The vote came at the NRD’s September 24th meeting.  The plan lists… Read More