Chemigation Training/Testing To Be Done Online

Chemigation is the practice of applying agrichemicals to cropland using an irrigation system to distribute both the water and chemical. The goal of the Nebraska Chemigation Act is to protect the groundwater and surface waters of Nebraska from contamination by fertilizers or pesticides.

Chemigation 2021 training season is beginning in January.  Chemigation training and testing for 2021 will be delivered online for both initial certification and recertification.

Chemigation Applicators should begin training and testing on or after January 1, 2021.  Due to the pandemic and limited class capacities, UNL Extension will not be posting in-person training dates on their website.  If someone prefers to do an in-person training rather than online training, they should contact their local County Extension office to see if there is a pre-registration and if Extension can accommodate them for in-person training. 

Visit the UNL water page and read the instructions for navigation or watch the video instructions to help with navigation.

You must complete the video verifications for Chapter 1-9 before the Final Chemigation exam will open.

Once you complete the final Chemigation exam, an email will be sent to Extension and the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy (NDEE).  NDEE will then issue your Chemigation license by mail.