LLNRD Accepts Final Report on North Loup Flooding Recommendations

The Lower Loup Natural Resources District (LLNRD) Board accepted the final report on opportunities to reduce flooding in and around the Village of North Loup or the Mira Creek Watershed on June 25, 2020.  To see the report, click here.

On February 4, 2020, multiple community and Valley County representatives provided feedback on the flooding issues. Since that time, JEO Consulting Group Inc. (JEO), the organization completing the North Loup Flood Risk Reduction Study, created a flood model to illustrate the extent of flooding during varying storm events and used the model to show future conditions should projects be constructed.

To view a video on the recommendations, click here.

Based upon the report provided and presented to the LLNRD Board of Directors as a draft on April 23, 2020, the community would achieve significant flood risk reduction from a combination of one large dam on the North Tributary, a berm on the south side of the channel, cleanout of the Mira Creek channel from Highway 11 and downstream approximately one mile, along with interior drainage improvements, such as ditch and culvert cleanout, and culvert replacement.

Should elements of the project move forward, the LLNRD will work with the North Loup Village Board to identify funding from local, state, and federal sources and create a schedule to proceed to into final design and construction, which would take several years.

All questions regarding the presentation and study can be directed to  Brian Kolar, LLNRD Projects Technician, at briank@llnrd.org or 308-728-3221.The purpose of the North Loup Flood Risk Reduction Study, completed by JEO, was to gather existing data, and to develop and evaluate flood reduction alternatives.