LLNRD Approves Funding For Horseshoe Dike Repairs

The Lower Loup Natural Resources District Board of Directors has approved funding up to $32,000 for flood damage repairs to the Horseshoe Dike on the Loup River in Nance County.  The vote to approve the assistance to the Loup Power District came at the NRD Board’s May 28th meeting.

The LLNRD’s Programs/Projects Committee recommended approval of the project funding assistance following a teleconference presentation from Loup Power District Manager Neal Suess.  The Horseshoe Dike is located on the Loup River south and west of Genoa.

This drone photo shows the damage to Horseshoe Dike on the Loup River south and west of Genoa.

Suess said that during the March 2019 bomb cyclone, the dike, as well as two adjacent Nance County roads, were damaged by ice and flood waters.  He said the structure was built in the 1930s as a way to move sand and sediment dredged from the District Settling Basin downstream within the Loup River, but was abandoned after two years, due to the concrete flume becoming clogged with sand and sediment.

The LLNRD funding will represent half of the 25% of local costs for the project.  Suess said Federal Emergency Management Agency funding is expected to cover 75% of the $250,000 project costs.