Lower Loup NRD Board Approves Long-Range Plan

A plan that outlines the priorities for the Lower Loup Natural Resources District over the next five years received a vote of approval by the NRD Directors.  The vote came at the NRD’s September 24th meeting. 

The plan lists project and program categories to be undertaken and the amount budgeted to accomplish the set goals.  NRD Assistant General Manager Tylr Naprstek said the long-range plan provides a roadmap for the future activities of the District.

The Lower Loup NRD Board of Directors developed an overall prioritization of the District’s general direction and focus. A prioritized list of items was generated and is used to assist the General Manager and staff in the planning and budgeting process.  Water quality and quantity is first on the priority list.

The plan also includes information on financing and budgeting, staffing, and goals and objectives.  Those goals and objectives include resources awareness, prevention of flood water damage, water and soil conservation, and others.

The Lower Loup NRD Long-Range Plan is available here.