NRD Funding Approved for North Loup Flooding Project

Work on the on-going flooding issues in North Loup got a boost from the Lower Loup Natural Resources District Board as it approved partial funding for the project.  The NRD Board okayed $71,700 toward design work to deal with the community’s flooding issues.

The North Loup Village Board has voted to approve $41,400 to pay for design work on drainage improvements inside the community while the NRD funding will address issues with Mira Creek.  Those include a channel cleanout, a channel bypass, and a hydraulic review of the railroad bridge.

North Loup was partially flooded as a result of rapid snowmelt during the bomb cyclone and summertime heavy rains during 2019.  Lower Loup NRD General Manager Russell Callan said the community has had on-going issues with drainage and flooding in previous years as well.