Public Comment Received on Sargent Flooding Recommendations

 The Lower Loup Natural Resources District (LLNRD) has received public comment on recommendations to reduce flooding from those who live in and around the City of Sargent and the surrounding watershed.

On February 24, 2020, Sargent and area residents provided feedback on the flooding issues at a community meeting. Since that time, Olsson, the organization doing the Sargent Flooding and Drainage Study, completed groundwater and surface water evaluations to determine the best options for flooding mitigation in the community..

To view a video on the recommendations, click here.

Based upon an initial report, two options appear most beneficial to the town.  Converting cropland around the town from surface water to groundwater irrigation is an option to lower the water table in and around the community.  The other options are replacement of drainage infrastructure, specifically culverts at key locations as well as creation of a diversion channel to drain water around the town.  These projects would be completed in phases.  The consultant also recommended creation of a Storm Water Master Plan

The next step includes public comment on the recommendations. Should the project move forward, the LLNRD will then work with the Sargent City Council to identify funding from local, state, and federal sources and create a schedule to proceed to into final design and construction, which would take several years.

All comments and questions regarding the presentation and study can be directed to  Brian Kolar, LLNRD Projects Technician, at or 308-728-3221.