Lower Loup NRD Board Approves New Groundwater Rules

New rules concerning chemigation were give approval following a public hearing of the Lower Loup Natural Resources District.  The new chemigation rules include a new fee structure created after the Nebraska Legislature passed legislation last session allowing each district to set fees appropriate to the costs of managing the program.

Chemigation is the process of applying agricultural chemicals by injecting them directly into the water moving through an irrigation system.  Nebraska law states that before an irrigator can start chemigation, a permit must be obtained from the local NRD.  Each chemigation system is inspected by an NRD technician before a new permit is granted.

The Lower Loup NRD’s new fees are $50 for a new permit, a renewal permit is $30, and an emergency permit will cost $500.  The cost for a special permit will be $50. 

NRD Board also approved a modification to the groundwater management rules, changing the response time for an alleged rules violator to respond to notification of violation.  Violators will now have three days to respond to a notice of violation and indicate any actions intended.