NRD Residents, Director Honored At Annual Conference

Robert and Cathy Price and the Gracie Creek Ranch of Burwell have been awarded the Nebraska Outstanding Tree Planter Award for 2016.  N. Richard “Dick” Hadenfeldt of Dannebrog was named "Director of the Year." Both honors came at the annual Nebraska Association of Resources Districts Conference held September 26th and 27th in Kearney.

 Price Family Wins Tree Planting Award

The Price Family has planted nearly 52,000 trees on the ranch, both by machine and by hand planting.  The trees have provided countless windbreaks and reduced wind erosion on the fragile Sandhills soils.  The trees also serve as protection for livestock during winter storms and as shade during Nebraska’s hot summers.

Hadenfeldt has served as a member of the Lower Loup Natural Resources District Board of Directors since 1989. He was Vice-Chairman of the Board in 1995 and Chairman of the Board for 13 years, beginning in 1996.  He also serves on the Nebraska Resources Commission as the representative for the Loup River Basin, a job he has held since 2003.  He served as Chairman of the NRC in 2009.

Hadenfeldt named "Director of the Year"

Price recently completed a thinning of his established windbreaks.  Price plants his trees in multiple rows, ranging from 4 to 8, with most belts consisting of 6 rows.  He hired a contractor to thin out the belts.  Price said the extra space allows trees to maintain their ranches near the ground, keeping the wind from pushing through the bottom.  He said the extra space also give wildlife space to live comfortably.

Hadenfeldt is currently a member of the NRD’s Water Resources Committee and serves as an alternate on the Variance Committee.  Lower Loup NRD General Manager Leon “Butch” Koehlmoos said, “Dick is extremely dedicated to the work of the Natural Resources District and has been a strong proponent of the NRD system.  The Lower Loup has greatly benefited from his leadership and vast experience in the world of natural resources."

The Lower Loup Natural Resources District and the Natural Resources Conservation Service nominated the Price Family and Hadenfeldt for the awards.