Election Means New Faces, Returning Directors on LLNRD Board

The November 2016 General Election saw nine members of the Lower Loup Natural Resources District Board of Directors re-elected to their seats and two new members who replaced Directors who did not seek re-election or withdrew from the Board. The two new members represent the Columbus/Platte County area, Chad Podolak in Subdistrict 8 and Bob Bauer in Subdistrict 9.  

The returning Directors are Jim Adams in Subdistrict 1, Alan Petersen in Subdistrict 2, Jim Nelson in Subdistrict 3, Randy Kauk in Subdistrict 4, Matt Lukasiewicz in Subdistrict 5, Cliff Loseke in Subdistrict 7, and Darwin Anderson in Subdistrict 10. Jerry Smith ran a write-in campaign to regain his Subdistrict 6 seat and Beth Boesch in Subdistrict 9 was re-elected to a two-year term after being appointed to the Board in 2015.  Each of the Directors' new terms will begin in January, 2017.   

Newly Elected Directors Begin 4 Year Terms


2016 General Election Results (Unofficial)

Subdistrict 1                  Vote Total

Jim Adams                        2,762

Subdistrict 2

Alan D. Petersen              2,876

Subdistrict 3

James C. Nelson              2,580

Subdistrict 4

Randy Kauk                      2,272

Subdistrict 5

Matt Lukasiewicz              2,399

Subdistrict 6

Jerry Smith                       Not Available (only candidate to file as write-in)

Subdistrict 7

Cliff Loseke                       2,305

Subdistrict 8

Chad Podolak                   2,109

Subdistrict 9

Bob Bauer                        1,821

Subdistrict 9 (2-year term)

Beth Boesch                     1,905

Subdistrict 10

Darwin B. Anderson         2,573