Lower Loup NRD Board Okays New Irrigated Acres

October 10, 2017

Applications for a total of 1,462 new irrigated acres in the North Loup River and Beaver Creek Sub-Basins have been approved by the Lower Loup Natural Resources District Board of Directors. 

NRD General Manager Leon “Butch” Koehlmoos said that there were 28 applications for new irrigation, 16 in the North Loup River Basin and 12 in the Beaver Creek Basin.  He said that the total amount of irrigated acres requested in the combined basins was 1,640.96 acres.  Koehlmoos said the average application for the new irrigation development requested 58.6 acres and the average application ranking was 269 points. 

LLNRD Assistant General Manager Russell Callan said that due to fewer applications, not all of the 1,250 acres available in the North Loup basin were awarded.  He said all of the Beaver Creek acres were awarded.

At their meeting September 26th, the Lower Loup NRD Board of Directors unanimously approved a motion to okay all applications that ranked 225 points or above.  This meant approval of 15 new irrigated acres applications in the North Loup River Basin and 10 applications in the Beaver Creek Basin.  There were 677 new acres approved in the North Loup and 785 in Beaver Creek.

Callan said applications for new irrigation were ranked using criteria approved by the NRD Board when irrigated acres had been previously granted.  The criteria included the stream depletion factors, the status of groundwater and surface water, the type of acre being developed, the number of acres being developed, and the soil classification.  

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