Area 28 Soil Samples Due February 1st

The Lower Loup NRD reminds producers in Water Quality Area 28 that 2018 crop year NO3 soil sample analyses are due February 1st, 2018. Area 28 stretches from southwest of Fullerton to south of Columbus and is the District's lone Phase III Water Quality Area.  The samples should be taken following the 2017 crop.

The variability in soil sample nitrate results for the 2017 crop year nearly doubled compared to the prior 3 years. Variability decreases the confidence of nitrogen recommendations.  With the increase in climatic temperatures, the correct handling of soil samples is even more important.  Storage in a warmed office, shop or pickup cab further increases the chances that organic matter will be converted to nitrate.

If soil samples cannot be taken to the lab within 24 hours after collection, they should be dried, refrigerated or frozen, (University of Nebraska NebGuide G1740).