Chemigation Permit Renewal Deadline Is June 1st

May 09, 2019

Farmers planning on using chemigation to apply chemicals or fertilizer to their crops face a June 1, 2019 deadline for a permit renewal from the Lower Loup Natural Resources District.

The fee for a chemigation permit renewal is $30 for each application submitted.  Any application received after June 1, 2019 will be treated as a new application.  New permit applications require a $50 fee and an inspection by an NRD technician.

Application forms are available at the Lower Loup Natural Resources District Headquarters, 2620 Airport Drive, in Ord.  They can also be downloaded on-line at the NRD web site,  Click on the resources tab, then downloads, and scroll down to the chemigation permit link.  The forms can also be picked up at your local Natural Resources Conservation Service office.

For more information, contact the Lower Loup Natural Resources District at (308) 728-3221.

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