November 21, 2013

New Video Program Developed For Nitrogen/Irrigation Management

Apr 23, 2015

A new video series designed to facilitate certification of nitrogen fertilizer management for producers across the state has been created by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  The Lower Loup NRD is one of serveral natural resources districts across the state who require certification in water quality management areas.  There are currently six videos in the series, all hosted on YouTube.  The links…

LLNRD Creating Voluntary Integrated Management Plan for Basin

Mar 20, 2015

The Lower Loup and Upper Loup Natural Resources Districts have begun developing voluntary integrated management plans for the Loup River Basin. The objective of developing an integrated management plan is to manage the Loup River Basin to achieve and sustain a balance between water uses and water supplies for the long term.  This would be in keeping with the LLNRD’s long term goals and objectives to…

Lower Loup NRD To Take Part In Groundwater Nitrate Project

Mar 07, 2015

The Lower Loup Natural Resources District Board of Directors has approved the NRD’s participation in a research project on ways to manage fertilizer use to avoid high groundwater nitrate levels.  The SENSE (Sensors for Efficient Nitrogen Use and Stewardship of the Environment) Project will be a joint project of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the Nebraska Corn Board, and five Natural Resources…

Lower Loup NRD Board Approves New Groundwater Rules

Feb 27, 2015

New rules concerning chemigation were give approval following a public hearing of the Lower Loup Natural Resources District.  The new chemigation rules include a new fee structure created after the Nebraska Legislature passed legislation last session allowing each district to set fees appropriate to the costs of managing the program. Chemigation is the process of applying agricultural chemicals by…

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