November 21, 2013

Latest NRD Newsletter Keeps Residents "In The Loup"

Sep 16, 2019

The Lower Loup NRD has distributed the latest edition of it's district-wide newsletter, entitled IN THE LOUP, to residents in all 16 counties that make up the NRD. The newsletter covers a variety of topics relating to natural resources and the work of the Lower Loup Natural Resources District. Topics covered in the latest issue include new irrigated acres applications, Director Jim Nelson's retirement…

LLNRD Board Okays 2,500 New Irrigated Acres

Aug 30, 2019

Landowners in three river basins in the Lower Loup Natural Resources District (LLNRD) may apply for new groundwater irrigated acres for 2020.  The Lower Loup NRD Board of Directors approved the new irrigation at its meeting June 27th.  In the North Loup Basin, 1,250 irrigated acres will be granted; in the Middle Loup Basin, 500 acres will be offered; and in the Plum Creek, Beaver Creek and lower portion…

Nelson Retires From LLNRD Board After 47 Years

Jul 26, 2019

A Cairo man was recognized for 47 years of service to the Lower Loup Natural Resources District at the NRD Board of Directors meeting on July 25th.  Jim Nelson retired as the Lower Loup NRD’s last original Board Member, beginning his service when the NRD system started in 1972.  In fact, Nelson is the last Director in the entire state of Nebraska to serve from day one of the NRD system. Nelson, who…

Lower Loup NRD Seeks District Engineer

Jul 24, 2019

DISTRICT ENGINEER Provide civil engineering services; project coordination and inspection.  Work with other agencies, including project permits, design and construction.  Indoor and outdoor working conditions-flood control, drainage, erosion control, and other ag and natural resources work.  PE in civil or agricultural engineering required and experience in hydrology, geology and agriculture necessary.…

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