LLNRD Board Member Elected NARD President

Jim Eschliman from the Lower Loup Natural Resources District has been elected president of the Nebraska Association of Resources Districts (NARD) Board and NARD Risk Pool Board. Eschliman has served as vice president since 2018 and has been on the board since 2016. He has served on the Lower Loup NRD Board 15 years, is the current vice-chairman, and has also served on the program and projects committee. After selling his dairy cows in 2018, Eschliman considers himself retired and resides near Ericson with his wife, Deb.

Jim Eschliman is new NARD President.

The Nebraska Association of Resources Districts consists of representation from each of the state's 23 NRDs.  The board helps guide the association and NRDs in decision making that protects lives, property and the future of Nebraska’s natural resources. The NARD Risk Pool Board governs the health insurance program for NRD employees. Since its inception in 2007, the program has held the average annual cost increases for health premium rates below 4.5 percent.

Milt Schmidt of the Lower Platte South NRD was elected the association's Vice President.  Marty Graff of Ainsworth, member of the Middle Niobrara NRD, was elected secretary/treasurer.  Lexington resident Larry Reynolds of the Tri-Basin NRD is the group's past president.