St. Paul Team Is First at Central Region Envirothon

St. Paul, Aurora, and Humphrey Team #3 were the top three teams at the Central Region Envirothon Contest held Wednesday, March 4th, hosted by the Lower Loup and Central Platte Natural Resources Districts in Columbus.  St. Paul has earned a second straight invitation to the Nebraska State Envirothon, last year winning the right to represent the state at the NCF Envirothon. The Aurora team also qualifies for the state contest as a wild card. 

Five-member high school teams from Aurora, Cross County, East Butler, Fullerton, Humphrey, Newman Grove, St. Paul, and Schuyler took part in the Envirothon.  The Central Region Envirothon Contest was held in conjunction with the District Agriculture Education Contest at Central Community College-Platte Campus in Columbus.

Envirothon team competes in the forestry section.

Regional Envirothons like the one in Columbus are held around the state and teams that score highest in those contests are invited to the Nebraska State Envirothon to be held Wednesday, April 29th at Lake Wanahoo Recreation Area near Wahoo. The winner of that contest will go on to represent Nebraska at the NCF Envirothon to be held July 26-31, at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln.