We're Devoted to Protecting Nebraska's Natural Resources

The Lower Loup Natural Resources District is one of 23 NRDs serving the people of Nebraska. Set up along hydrological boundaries, the NRDs are the local agencies responding to natural resources challenges in a variety of areas. The Districts have the responsibility to protect and maintain natural resources in areas ranging from water quality and quantity to forestry, range management, soils and more.


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  • Buy trees

    Trees. They stand silent and strong…protecting farms and ranches as livestock or farmstead windbreaks and controlling snow as living snow fences.

  • Download forms

    Comprehensive listing of all forms available through the Lower Loup Natural Resources District.

  • Reserve A Camp Site At Davis Creek Recreation Area

    Davis Creek is a 1,140 acre lake offering fishing, boating and other water sports and is located six miles south of North Loup.

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