These NRDs are strategically organized along hydrological boundaries, allowing them to address a wide array of natural resource challenges in a localized and effective manner. Our District, like its counterparts, holds the essential responsibility of safeguarding and nurturing our natural resources. This includes a broad spectrum of areas, such as water quality and quantity, forestry, range management, soil conservation, and much more.

At the heart of our mission lies a deep commitment to preserving the ecological balance and vitality of the region we serve. We understand the intricate interplay between these vital resources and their impact on the well-being of our communities. Through collaborative efforts and dedicated stewardship, we strive to protect and enhance the natural beauty and resilience of our environment, ensuring a sustainable and prosperous future for generations to come.


Russell Callan

General Manager

Tylr Naprstek

Assistant General Manager

Alan Bartels

Information and Education Coordinator

Brant Bechtold

Information Specialist

Kevin Gustafson

District Engineer

Cacey Wilken

Water Modeling Coordinator

Dell Harris

Water Resources Specialist

LeeAnn Smith

Water Programs Assistant

Ann Freeman

Program Secretary

Cheryl Hornickel

Programs Assistant

Jane Klanecky


Irene Kreifels

Administrative Assistant

Kim Lyions

Financial Secretary

Dan Ruterbories

Rangeland Management Specialist

Aron Lewis

Conservation Forester

District Secretaries

Laura Barber

District Secretary- Spalding

Kandi Bremer

District Secretary - Albion

Alyssa Dubas

District Secretary - Fullerton

Michelle Gibbens

District Secretary: Broken Bow

Peggy Griffin

District Secretary - St. Paul

Julie McBride

District Secretary - Burwell

Jeri Rosno

District Secretary - Columbus

Bev Smedra

District Secretary - Ord

NRD Field Staff

Harold Benton

Water Resources Technician

Ken Dawson

Water Resources Technician

Derek Domeier

Parks & Maintenance Technician

Ed Drozd

Conservation Technician: Columbus

Jordyn Duffek

Conservation Technician: Spalding

Ryan Hellbusch

Water Quality Technician: Columbus

Phillip Hill

Recreation Area/Shop Manager

Brian Kolar

Projects Technician

Mike Lorenz

Agronomist: Fullerton

Jason Moudry

Water Programs Specialist

Derek Vogt


Jon Westerby

Conservation Technician: Broken Bow